Debate on which disease is the worst.

today, on Monday the 10th of September, we debated about which disease we should choose if we were to choose one. the three options were leprosy, smallpox, and the bubonic plague. Surprisingly, no one picked smallpox, saying that it was a combination of the plague and leprosy. To our surprise, however, they had a way to cure smallpox even back then. The two options that people chose was leprosy and the plague. I chose the plague because it will only take a week for it to kill you and you wouldn’t have to suffer through the physical and emotional damage that leprosy causes. Other people chose leprosy because you don’t necessarily die from it and you will live a lot longer then if you had the plague. It was a riveting debate between the two sides and everyone got a chance to discuss their thoughts and opinions. Overall, it was a pretty successful day in the life of disease and society.


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